Nate Harter Cares About What We Care About

Tested Prosecutor

As a prosecutor, Nate developed a reputation as a tough and effective litigator. He nearly doubled the office’s workload since 2014 and instituted new policies to protect vulnerable victims. The office went on to win nearly 90% of its jury trials.

A steadfast partner for local law enforcement, Nate has provided resources to purchase critical needs like LIDAR, cameras, and other improvements. As Attorney General, he will bring the same time-tested leadership and judgment to the AG’s office and its staff of nearly 400 employees.

Pro-Life Champion

Nate is 100% pro-life and believes in its sanctity from the moment of conception to natural death. These foundational values were instilled by a family that cherished life in words and deeds.

Nate understands how precious life can be firsthand. He lived those values, having been raised with an adoptive sister. His first son, Quinn, was born earlier this year. As Attorney General, Nate will proudly defend the sanctity of life with the full legal powers and public moral weight of the office.

2nd Amendment Advocate

Nate is a gun owner and lifelong supporter of the 2nd Amendment. He believes it is the natural right of all citizens to own and carry firearms for recreation, personal protection, and the defense of their liberties.

The 2nd Amendment is of particular importance to Nate as an officer of the law. When his family was threatened as a result of his duties as prosecutor, he secured himself and his loved ones by exercising his 2nd Amendment rights. Nate firmly believes that all Americans have a God-given right to defend themselves and their families.

The 2nd Amendment is constantly under attack by Democrats in Washington, DC, and by extreme liberal groups that want to severely restrict our fundamental gun rights. As Attorney General, Nate will intervene at every opportunity to ensure these rights remain safe.

Curbing Government Overreach

Enshrined in the 10th Amendment of the Constitution is the promise that all powers not entrusted to the federal government “are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

Nate firmly believes that those powers should be held by people most affected by those decisions. As a bulwark against an overreaching federal government, Nate will work with attorneys general across the country to protect the rights and prerogatives of the states, as well as fight against unconstitutional rules and decisions.

Strengthening Our Party

We can only protect the values that we hold dear if we work together to elect conservatives and Republicans up and down the ticket. Nate is the Chairman of the Decatur County Republican Party and the Vice Chairman of the 6th District Republican Party. He knows how to run a party organization, and how to build the organization needed for a winning campaign. Most importantly, he understands the crucial role played by grassroots delegates and volunteers for our party’s success.